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Took a quick look and noticed there wasn't and I&W thread. My friend handed me "Our Endless Numbered Days" a couple weeks ago and I finally got the chance to listen to it and it's absolutely amazing. Sam Beam does a good job of making every song seem slightly optimistic and happy no matter what the subject matter. I can't say I have a favorite song right now, I just like listening to the whole CD through. Any recommendations for what CD to get next?
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Iron and Wine is great. You should probably buy his first album 'The Crank Drank The Cradle' next. It's definitely as good as OEND. His third album, In The Reins, is different from the other two though, but it's still good. But if you want the same breathy vocals and fingerpicked guitar you should check out his EP "The Sea and the Rhythm." Also, I highly encourage you to buy Pink Moon by Nick Drake. If you like Iron and Wine, you'll love it.