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Well under my protest RHCP won this year ( i had nothing aginst old RHCP but i thought that record was horrible)so who will win this year

the only band i like that as a chance of winning would be Coheed and Cambria

but some other great things coming out this year: Bright Eyes, Circa Survive, The Fall Of Troy , Minus The Bear, Kane Hodder, Idiot Pilot, Circle takes the square, Chiodos, Thursday, Brand New, Protest the Hero, Modern life is war, Modest mouse, Common Market, Blue Scholars, One be lo, Binary Star

so who do you think will win and what are you looking forward too?
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I'm rather excited about Bright Eyes myself

good stuff, very meaningful
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Looking forward to 1969 releasing their debut album sometime this spring. Hopefully it'll be a best seller :P
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prolly modest mouse again cuz theyre coming out with a new album. but we'll see...
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Dude I live like 20 minutes north of you^

But yeah maybe and hopefully Modest Mouse
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Modest Mouse
Arcade Fire
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There's already a thread asking this I believe.
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