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i think this is my best song that i have done for my band..i like the solo becoz i think i have done a good guitar all can comment my song...headbang
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The Solo was fairly good, try to get away from the 16th notes all the time though, they get a little monotonous As for the rest of the song, try out other chords, the same repeptitive powerchords over and over again wont hold a listeners attention (though id like to hear this with lyrics if you have some?). Bar 22 seems to go out of time a little, it doesnt sound quite right, maybe instead of the 8th notes, use 16ths to make the measures fit into the correct bars better.

The song is in the key of A, so the use of the Low E string in the Intro is going to make it sound out of tune (hence what fallenblood said), apart from that i liked the intro.

Also in the solo theres a few timing issues, you have some incomplete bars in there, but thats easily sorted

All in all, its a good start, keep at it and this could be very good

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It's pretty good, but it gets a bit repetitive after a while. The solo's weren't bad either, they were definately one of the highlights of the song. I'd say you should try and adapt on certain parts to make it longer, and less repetitve.
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thanks man for the comment...i will do what u guy tell..