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didn't see a thread for them so just thought I'd find out what everyone think of this band.

i've been listening to achilles heel this past month, and can't get enough of it.

your thoughts?
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have never herd of em xD
what do they play ?
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The names of these bands are really starting to irritate me.
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the only song i like by them is the secret of the easy yoke. I find it quite hard to get through the album that that song is song is on
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i like this band/project. hes not doing pedro the lion anymore though is he? its a bit silly really though, considering that the band was basically just david bazan.

whatever though. i like 'never leave a job half done'.
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he isn't? Man, that sucks. i've been meaning to find more stuff from Pedro...
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he now plays under his own name, that being David Bazan. he's also involved in Headphones which is a bit more on the electronic side.

i love PTL. own/adore all his albums.