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I thought this would be the rigth forum for this question, so here you go:

I was listening to crooked rain, crooked rain, on my way home with the tram. Me and my friends had just smoked some weedl, I was pretty high, minding my own bussines. so I get to 5-4=unity on my mp3 player. I'd ussualy just skip it because i never really liked it that much. But in this case I was too stoned to raise a muscle so I just listened to it, I listened to it all the way through and loved it. Not many of their songs quite sound that way, with the jazzy shuffle and all. So I'm actually asking do you know any artists that actually play like this all the time? Is it some sort of obscure sub-genre or something? Don't tell me it's just jazz, jazz allmost always differs per persons who play the style, i'm hoping it doesnt in this case.

So help me out here guys, thanks in advance
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According to the CR, CR Deluxe Edition Booklet:

"Brubeck was a white nerd popular with all the middle class people. He popularized jazz to a certain extent. It's a shame how this great, unique American medium is now just in the canon as an art form - once it was a living, breathing entity."

So the answer to your question: David Brubeck.
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Quote by paintITblack39
Isn't 5-4=unity a song by Pavement

.... yeah. like he said. crooked rain, crooked rain. the album. by pavement.
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