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so did you like or dislike anything in this??,
the lead guitar and the drums aren't that much,i know, but the point here is the distortion riff

ps: do you have any idea on how to continue it (if you think it's worth it )?
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wow thats pretty good minus drums lol erm how would i send the continuation to u btw?(sorry new to forums n shit lol)
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I think it's awsome... It sounds kind of like an interlude riff, like what trivium does on most of the songs off ascendency right before a solo like on pull harder... i'd up the tempo to about 142 and tweak measure six so it sounds more natural. give it a try and reply if u like my suggestions and/ or would accept further help.
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sorry man i can't listen to it now i'm at work
but i'll do tonight and reply tomorow (that if this thread still opened of course )