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Team The ****ing Shitbiscuits
6 50%
Team The Best Looking Boys
6 50%
Voters: 12.
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Vote on the overall quality of the two pieces combined, not for which team has your favorite piece, but which team had the better overall two pieces.

Team The Fuckin' Shitbiscuits


Stand at the base and look up
Now here is the important part scream
At the top of your lungs
And don’t stop till this mountain falls

And when the slide comes
Don’t run stand your ground and embrace it
When it sweeps you off your feet
Don’t fight the current

This may all seem strange
But you will have to trust me on this one dear
You know I wouldn’t string you along
This is for the both of us

It will be hard to break this
But they will learn to cope
Everyone will breakout the black and veils
And after everyone has gone home and forgotten about this
I will stay and sing you a song
Until you wake up or I fall asleep



We are misunderstood when engaged in normal conversation, yet when left to our supposed vices we make sense. We compose beautiful symphonies out of minor subtles juxtaposed with the complexity that relies on simplicity. We create fantasy worlds where dreams come true, though they are most always based on our respective realities. Fear, anxiety; darkness and a barren, desolate land. Sometimes, it is always darkest before it goes pitch black.

Yet there is indeed a north star. A compass of hope that can guide us all; the painters and the passer-byes. This is the feeling that we create, night after night. It is something certainly transient, yet if done correctly it is imperishable as the days of the week. Always coming, always leaving; yet always here to stay in a special, unique beautiful way.

We take easels and finger-paint our lives on display, leaving our initials in the bottom left corner of the piece saying "We are here to stay."


Team The Best Lookin' Boys

i sped to work

i sped to work
not because i was in a hurry
it's just the only interesting thing
i'd do today.

i crushed a fly
as i left my car
and picked leaves off trees
while i walked to the building's door.

a woman was wheeled to me,
she said,
"i'm trusting you with my life,
you know that,

i sped back home that night,
not because i was in a hurry.


harbor blah blah this title sux lol

Let's all jump in the harbor,
And hit the water at the same time.
See if we can break the anchor lines
Tying down the ships
So the water will pour out,
And we'll be left with a useless dam.

Maybe if you can hold back
The froth swirling back and forth,
Between gaping holes,
You can stop, and listen, and grow.
But everytime they kiss it sounds like
White noise.
White noise.
Static snow falls with a peculiar grace,
And why is it that we have to find art in everything?
For once can't we say it like it really is:
A forged attempt at being something special,
Capsulizing feeling.

The Hurt Within
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Wtf Is This Shit About?!?!??!?!

Awww tis you confused? Here it is in writing...

Bugger off

Oh yeha the comp...ermm 1st team. Just.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.