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Hi all, im new here and was hoping you could give me some crit on a song i have for my band Dead Kings Rise. Our influences include bands like at the gates, darkest hour, black dahlia murder etc but also death metal such as behemoth, morbid angel, suffocation etc. Hoping to have an original recording of it soon

cheers and crit for crit!
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Not bad, you do have alot of tremolo picked riffs and alot of blastbeats very very deathcore. The riffs are generally pretty good and the solo isn't to wanky either which is nice. I'd say tone down the blast beats personally, im not a fan of too many in one song but otherwise pretty cool.
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It was really good, but it did get a bit repetive.
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thanks for the comments everyone

looking on it i can see what the problems are, like people say too many blastbeats n some degree of repetition. im working on creating a more original and varied drum pattern for it and possibly getting some different riffs in there at the behest of repeating what riffs are already there, possibly changing parts of the solo too.

again thanks for the advice!
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the blast beats are pretty unnessary where u have them, id leave that to a drummer. and the drums are too loud in general. also death metal is more than just trem picking every damn thing. this piece is is very melodic tho and i personally would put it sumwhere between thrash and maybe melodic death metal. and i liked the solo, right before it ended it sounded weird but other than that i liked it. awesome riffage as well, and i liked the bass interlude. overall, aside from some clarification issues, i give it a thumbs up. keep it up

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