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Hey guys, I've decided I'm going to make a solo album, well of Guitar Pro files of music I will create. This is my first track - TIRO (Time is Running Out). ALl comments welcomed. Constructive Criticism please, no flaming!

And Enjoy

Donkey Kong Edit: Haven't added drums in yet since it is work in progress. Also, I wanted this to be a short song, hence the name 'Time is Running Out'.

Edit 2: I will probably add in another chorus and vere, this is just a basis.
Time is Running Out (GP5).zip
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Woah that so interesting, it sounds like a fiddle and I love the rhythm of it too.
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:P Thanks. Anybody else wanna see what it's like?

Oh and ctb I'll crit your Metalcore song.

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Ha, catchy. Reminds me of Bumblefoot. Uhh, not much to fault to be honest. The bass could be a little more adventurous, instead of just following the guitar. In all honestly though what you have thus far is very good and catchy. Looking forward to a final product.

Crit for crit? Ta.
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Thnks for the comments SForbz. I've critted yours. ANybody else want to crit mine?
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It's not bad
it's different to say the least
not too keen on the pre-chorus but once u've finished it, u'll have something good there.