hi i just bought a used tube amp took it home played quietly enough for about five minutes and it died
the guy i bought it off is being really decent and has offered me my money and to take it to a local amp technician and have it looked at

ive checked all the normal stuff and its not the cable etc

the power light wont even switch on so im wondering if you have any ideas ???
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It's probably a fuse inside the amp.
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Get new tubes!

EDIT: ^or the fuse, that happened to me while at a guitar shop. I wanted to play my guitar in a jcm2000 full stack...but the fuse was all messed up.
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first 30 minutes of my first tube amp it did the same tihng
the fuse had blown
due to the power tubes drawing too much of a current from the grid
so yep
new valves it looks like
It probably the fuse, if the amp is pretty old the fuse might just be faulty in which case, just change the fuse and your amp will be fine. If the the new fuse blows then get new tubes, if this new fuse blows, you might need a new transformer(s)