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Sex thread only.
4 17%
Drug thread only.
2 9%
Both threads sticky.
7 30%
Neither thread sticky.
10 43%
Voters: 23.
Yeah, so i think we should make the sex threads (whichever one is alive right now, i think it's 3) and the drug thread sticky. Just so people won't have to do a search for them if they want a question that fits in there, and also for convenience purposes, in case any newcomer to the Pit wants to make a thread, so we don't have to tell them to go there.

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Btw, I don't spell it doughnut, because that spells duff-nut.
they can't because drugs are illegal and this is supposed to be an all age family friendly site so no sticky on the sex thread either
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But really it's cos she got fat!

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I think the science thread should be... if its not yet.
but that wasnt your question...

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pfft i hate being flamed for being straight edge, but i take it seriously, and by no means am i a poser for it. if you want my reasons, PM me because i dont want to change this into a straight edge debate, lol.

but yeah, i get what you guys are saying. i still think itd be a fairly good idea though.
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Btw, I don't spell it doughnut, because that spells duff-nut.
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You heard him, you giantravenbitch. I'm joking!

*ahem* There's too many stickies already. Maybe a mentioning to them or a link to them in the rules or something.
You're lucky enough we allow you guys to have the threads.

There is no, I repeat NO chance of either one of those threads being stickied.
My God, it's full of stars!