This is gonna be a really nooby question, and I couldn't find it anywhere on here so I decided I would ask.

I recently purchased a LTD KH-202. It has the licensed floyd rose double locking system on there. I am trying to down tune it to dropped C, and every time I do, the stupid floyd bridge drops, why does this happen, and what can I do to avoid it?
Oh take off the back and there will be 2 screws connected to the back part of the tremolo just turn them left and it will level out.
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with floyd rose units the spring tension in the back of the unit must equal the tension of the strings in order for it to level out, i think you'd also have to make some changes with the intonation if you're going for drop C, will be in perfect tune with the strings open but go out of tune as you come up the neck : / not nice
the tremolo is being held by springs, you not a good idea to change the tuning on floyd roses. raise the brisge back up with the allen keys or whatever their called and leave it in standard
you'll only want to do that if only play in drop C though. the drag about floyd is the innability to quickly go into different tunings
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its a perfectly viable thing to do it just takes time and effort to sort it all out and get in tune again
and possibly longer screws to need be fitted if they're coming too far out for the tuning you need