When tubes are worn out, how do they sound? I understand that the sound is not very good, but I'm trying to determine wether my tubes have run out or not. My sound now is full of mids and there are nearly no hights in it. If I raise the hights then the mids also get up after them. When I turn the mids down, the sound gets too opaque. The tubes are over?
well how old are they?
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They'll stop being crisp. Often lows and mids will override any semblence of high frequencies. You'll get alot of extra hum once they start to wear because they may start to become unbiased (not having the same current going through them).

Look at the color to. If they aren't a bright orange when their hot then they are probably going.

Its a gradual process. Tubes will get worse and worse as time goes on. If your unsure of how old they are just change them. Its a cheap process and you can customize your tone with different brands of the type of tube your amp takes.
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well how old are they?

I couldn't really say, I bought the things used, a combo and a Marshall EL84.

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They'll stop being crisp. Often lows and mids will override any semblence of high frequencies.

That might be a symptom. Besides in my 50W combo I keep the volume knob at one o'clock and playing in my bedroom I woudln say it is too loud. (Before I played at 9 o'clock). The Marshall has 4 tubes which is unpleasant.
This time I've come across really a strange effect. It's another power amp, the Engl 820 2x35, also used. This time the problem is like this:

Whereas the left channel is ok as usual, thik and poweful, the right channel has partly lost its loudness and completely its bottom end. Distortion and hights, on the countrary, have gotten brighter, but in genreal the channel is too weak now, no match for the left one at all. And during a playing session I hear its loudness beign lost little by little, while the other (left) channel remains ok.

Is that really the tubes? What do you think?