hi guys

ehm...i'm blindly in love with matthew bellamy's awesome sound/s..
i mean,
what im looking for is that awesome crazy overdrive he uses on the guitar riff in "new born", that craaaaaaaaazy distorion in "in your world", that fuzzy yet heavy sound on "deadstar"

oh and in the DVD of hullabaloo he uses a akward looking guitar (not one of those manson guitars) i think for the song "cave", i think it's a mayonnes (hihi looks like mayonaise)..but does any one know for sure?!
any way...any help bros?!?!
Yup yup. He uses a Fuzz Factory on pretty much everything. And about the guitar, I think he used a Ibanez Destroyer a lot around then (still does everynow and then, too). I've also seen him play a Parker Fly in a similar time frame (i don't think he used it on the Hullabaloo dvd though)
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yeah, i think he uses fuzz a lot. I have a vague recollection (i'm not really a fan, but it's in the magazines every so often) that he might use a diezel vh4 for his amp, so that might be worth a look too. that's like £2000, though. EDIT: that could be totally wrong, though. I'd advise you to look into it yourself first.
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he uses a manson custom guitar go on youtube and some one gives you a demo. set you back around £5000 though ...
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i personally dont like his new guitar, i liked his black manson most
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fuzz factory (that fuzz sound) - www.zvex.com for a video demo

its an awesome peace of work.. trust me, i have one too

yea but correct me if im wrong but those awsome bastards'll cost me my right testicle!!!!! and plus, there's no way i'll find em here in italy (im an american in italy folks.)
being hand made and all...
For the know it all answer, get your own custom manson guitars and buy a Diezel VH4 amp.

but yes I'm well aware not many UGer's are likely to be able to afford this.

so I highly recommend the Fuzz Factory, I have one myself and I absolutely LOVE it
Where can u get one and how much will it set you back?
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you can order it offline zvex's site. they don't ship out to retail stores alot, so online's your best bet. its like 250 usd, but its soooooooooo worth it.
Ive got a pod xt live....does anyone know if it can mimic the sounds of the fuzz factory?
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