I know it doesn't sound very technical but what do I have to do make the higher pitch notes mainly on D and G strings cut through live in the mix? When listening these notes are always lost when everyone is playing together?

I use an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II bass amp. So would I need to change EQ to get the higher pitch notes more accented live?

Appreciate the help.
try setting your EQ flat or boost the mids just a little

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boost the mids. Play around with it. If you have a graphic EQ you can fiddle around with different frequencies boosting them one by one to see wich one makes you cut trough the most.
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It may be due to your amp settings not having enough 'cut' in the high notes, but it could also have to do with the composition of the songs. Remember that bass is often about feel more than anything, that's how its designed, and if the entire band is going on at once and you're hitting high notes in the same range as the guitarist(s) and Vox, you're very less likely to cut through the mix, though it will still be there, and a void will be felt if it's cut out.
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