Is there much point in making a friend a signature guitar using warmoth parts and selling it do said person for a small fee?

I was just wondering, taking some time making this, well mainly assembling and painting, and getting the money toghether and the postage fee's and everything, but yeah this guy really deserves a signature guitar and I think he'll put it to great use. . though it'd probably end up costing me about £2-300 and him about £400.

If anyones wondering what it'll consist of, Soloist style body H-H routed for Floyd Rose 3 way swtich volume pot, Wizard II neck with jackson headstock dot or no inlays, possibly a heel contour if i can be bothered to do one.
Colour would be sonic blue (like the Ibanez EDR470DX) with "The Captain" written either on the front or the back in Black, the headstock would be matching in colour, with some sort of logo on it (Not sure if it'd be my signature or something of his)
sell it to him for the same price it costs you to make it or a bit more so you make some profit?

its a lot of work to not make any money from imo
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If you can back up your work, then why not?

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Yeah I'm planning on doing that, like £100 extra, but is this really possible for someone who doesnt get much money, is it easy enough, I know how to pain and assemble, and the electronics won't be hard as I'm coming up to modding an old guitar anyway, but like is it easy enough to put a floyd rose on, put a locking nut on etc
you should get something for all the work you will be doing for him but since he is your friend give him a little discount haha. if he was going to buy an equivalent to what you were making, find the difference in cost btwn the alternative and the custom warmoth and cut it in half. that way it seems like he will save money and you can make some too. i also recommend that he pays for the warmoth parts just incase he changes his mind on the guitar so you wont get stuck with a bunch of parts you dont need. after the guitar is completed you can charge him a bit extra for your efforts.
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Yeah, My plans are, talk to him, help him decide what he actually wants, I order the parts and end up charging him £100 extra to what its cost, maybe more.

The way I see it you are gaining experience for free, sounds like a sweet deal.
What are YOU doing to earn yourself a profit? Are you just screwing the parts together and stringing it up? IMO, you shouldn't charge a friend for screwing things together.
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If you're going with a custom, get them to paint it. Warmoth offers some of the best paintjobs, IMO.
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I'm also giving it a paint job, with whatever he wants on it, and thats worth over £200 so i'm giving it him half price.

But does your paint job compare to warmoths in quality? are you using good paints? (not duplicolor, krylon etc) Sorry if i'm being a jerk but that's my opinion. Just charge his parts, what you get is experience.