I went to my local guitar store to purchase a Behringer V amp2 and I asked the person there how I would be able to connect it to my computer and he said that MIDI was the only way to do so so then I asked how I would be able to connect my amp to my computer via line out and again he said the same thing, so does that mean I have to be a new sound card with midi capabilities...I plan on buying one anyways but moneys tight right now and thats not high on my list of things to buy. So is there any other way to connect my guitar to the computer while its hooked up to the V amp 2
so basically my signal chain is gonna look like

guitar>V amp2>computer but I dont know what that last arrow is

I also plan on getting a direct box so how would that fit in the chain? or am I just getting way in over my head with this recording stuff and just go withy plugging my guitar right into my computer. Sorry for the typos and shiz.
hmm well, ive got a shoddy squier amp, and i connect it to the comp via the line out. ive got a small headphone cable which i connect to the microphone/line in port of my soundcard, and i connect the other end to one of them cable lead converters, so it goes into a larger socket, like the ones on your guitar lead, and i connect that bit to the headphone socket of my amp, since mine doesnt have a line out:p. you could try it with a line out, but for recording, i usually get way better sounds on my computer with some real time guitar effects software, theres quite a few out.

i needed to buy a cable which had the small headphone type connector on both ends, and a plug converter. for soundcards, ive got the audigy 2 zs, but its not one of the best recording cards out there, far from it. the next in line from creative is the x-fi, yet its aimed at entertainment and not recording. midi wtf? that guy seriously doenst know his stuff. ive got a $50 squier amp and ive managed to connect it to my computer via the headphone out rofl.

so try that, its guitar > amp > soundcard. the second arrow being either the headphone or line out socket on your amp with the connection to the computer being the line in or mic. just need the right cables. good luck, i'm going to be facing the same problems as you soon as im getting a better amp, a few pedals and boxes soon
thank you so much so I only have a headphone out to but I refer to it as line out,

so I basically just need this cable for the amp to computer connection?
http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102950&cp=2032058&f=Taxonomy%2FRSK%2F2032058&categoryId=2032058&kwCatId=2032058&kw=1%2F8+cables&parentPage=searchIt It has to 1/8 plugs so one into my computer and another into the headphone socket/line out.