my friend left his bass amp at my house and we;ve been usin it for months, but then for some reason it started making this terrible rattling noise thats so annoying. its not blown out tho. i would like to get it fixed but idk how much it'll cost
ok let me ask some questions so we may better help you:

#1 what kinda of amp do you have? (brand?, SS or tube?, Combo or stack?, etc)
#2 what kinda of sound is it making?,
#3 when does it happen most often?
#4 have you tested to make sure it is the amp and not something else,
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^ Also, does it have a horn?
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Could be anything from a blown or torn speaker, to a loose nut that rattles when you play. Just take it back to were you bought it from and have them check it out. If it's something minor and you can fix it do it, if it's something major, figure out what your going to do from there.
I have the same problem, I figure its the fact that I have played it on completely full volume (stupid guitarists being too loud...). It sounds more fuzzy then when I play through my Big Muff, but yet not all the time. Still, it is ****ed, hence why I am buying a new amp :