I have thos boy problem and I dont know why Im comming here but I might as well since half of you are guys.

Okay so me and this guy have been going out for almost 9 months now and i love him and he loves me but just hes so over protective and he does things that really pisses me off, and I just want to be by myself for a bit and we tried that but we went and saw eachother everyday and talked on the phone and shit and its ****ing annoying. I dont want to be with him anymore because im so pissed off lately i just snap on him all the time! Hes such an over protective boyfriend is makes me insane this one time he went on my msn and checked all my myspace e-mails and all my other e-mails like..i just want to be alone he makes me so angry.

Ive lost half my friends because all i do is just be with him. I just dont know how to tell him its over and that i want my own space AND MAYBE HE'LL ****ING READ THIS AND GET A ****ING CLUE.

okie im done.
relationship thread and checking your boyfriend/girlfriends myspace stuff is pretty freaking lame.
(Jack) why teh fuck do people still have rottweilers/pit bulls?
(Lucy) why the fuck not?
(Jack) because they have a strange tendency to EAT YOUR CHILDREN