im getting a friend of mine in the US to bring over a bstock of a Power Wah Volume or a Dual Bass Wah for me (i live in australia btw, so they're grossly overpriced here)

i dont really have the time to try either one out.

what i need to know is which is better for that cliff burton screech on anesthesia, but then i want to be able to use it for normal stuff as well
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if you want the cliff burton screech you're going to have to find an old morley PWB (see sig) somewhere. otherwise i'd say go for the PWOV. volume and wah, and it can do a decent shriek if you put enough gain into it.
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does the PWOV give normal wah tones as well if im playing clean, or is it a one trick pony?
It should give about the same wah tone as all the other morleys with the volume off

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