Well, it's not bad for playing for 6 months. One thing I will say is, you have to let the notes sustain, you cut them off way too early. It should sound a lot smoother if you let them ring longer. Keep working at it though. Crit the Bad Religion cover in my sig when you've got some time.
don't try and play things too fast, it's really sloppy. it's good that you're challenging yourself, but it won't help much if you don't slow things down first to get it clean. i would start off with some easier songs focusing more on making every note clear and accurate, rather than trying to play something fast but wrong. for instance, i bet if you spent some time slowing down the power chord riff in canon rock you could have it perfect within a day. keep it up, youre off to a good start
awesome for 6 months dude.... you are on your way, keep it up
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This should be the last song at this difficulty you should play for a while. As harsh as that sounds if you try to learn hard pieces such as these when you are only a beginner it teaches you TERRIBLE TERRIBLE foundations and techniques which will screw you up very terribly down the road. I'm telling you this because I made this same mistake when I first started playing. I thought learning Master of Puppets after 3 months would make me an amazing player. WRONG. Although I learned it note for note by hearing the recording it makes your overall sense of rythem and technique absolutely terrible. Unless it was M.O.P. I could barely pick, was terrible at palm muting, and had little sense of rythem. Now after this I got very serious about my playing and have taken lessons since then, but it took a while to undo and correct the bad habits I made by learning a difficult piece I wasn't ready for. So PLEASE from one player to the other, challenge your self but TAKE IT SLOW.
Ok i know you didnt know but no need to be so forcefull. I know much rhythm, but mabey i screwed it up in the song. No need To brag, but i probably know more theory than you. Ive played piano for 7 years, alto saxophone for 6, and trumpet for 2 years, all with lessons for each. But, I did get My first guitar lesson today after playing for 6 months. I understand you were just trying to help, but everyone learns at a different level. I before this fist lesson I took, I knew rhythm. and I knew how to learn songs. Anyways, back to my point on everyone learns at a different level, you said you tried master of puppets at 3 months and it made your technique terrible, Not the case hear. I went step by step making sure I was doing things right, and checking online, and making sure that I was not forming bad habits. Yes I do still Have 1 or 2, but my guitar teacher should help me fix that fairly soon. You said after learning master of puppets
you ended up having no sense of rythm. not the case here either. I practice with a metronome, and like I said, I know rhythm. I also palm mute, and alternate pick very well.

Thanks for trying to help though.
everyone learns at a different level, but no one becomes a master overnight. i actually played piano for 7 years too, except i hated it and now i dont really remember anything (i quit 5 years ago). piano definitely helped my sense of timing and rhythm, but by no means did it help my technical ability on the guitar. if you truly did thoroughly learn the song step by step, there would be few wrong/missing notes and it wouldn't be so sloppy. i'm not picking on you, because being able to play canon rock after 6 months would be remarkable. even jerryc can't play it perfectly live and he's been playing for years.

anyway, it might not be apparent to you now, but your version of canon rock (although good for 6 months) is far from most people's expectations. pretty much all the riffs are butchered, and the song as a whole just doesn't flow very well. the song is just way too fast for you at the moment. i won't discourage you from learning difficult songs like this one, but i would suggest learning easier ones first. i'm in the habit of learning songs that are way above my skill level. and if i can only play it at half speed, then i'll only play it at half speed until i get faster. just don't try and rush yourself through a song to play it at full speed, it doesn't sound good if you miss half the notes. again, canon rock is a very difficult song to play, and i think you may be overestimating your skill level a bit.
Good for 6 months, let the strings sustain, and work on your sweeping so that it is one fluid motion and you aren't picking every string.

And can people please stop covering this song my god.