probably all of the wii sports games.
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the boxing game that comes with it will i guess
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Yeah Wii Sports, the game that comes with it provides a workout, my brother plays that all the time and comes out drenched in sweat, it's hilarious
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what games are most interactive, like you will get more sweat breaking up playing them on the wii?

How 'bout trying some REAL exercise, fatty?
Man, that boxing. Play that for an hour man.

And some of the other Wii Sports. But boxing fo' sho'.
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Play the tennis on WiiSports, but set all four players to be your Mii.
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Man that's badass.

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How 'bout trying some REAL exercise, fatty?

im not asking to get some exercise......... im asking for interactive. bitch.
The sword fighting in Red Steel is not bad, but it doesn't match Wii sports, its just cooler. I think when Metroid Prime 3 comes out, that will deffinitley top the Most Interactive list. I watched some of the previews for it, and it looks bretty insane, it shows the plaver reaching out to grab things and flip switches.

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