Hello... I'm pretty new at Bass. Got it at Christmas, and didnt start playing until a few days afterwards. Anyway, I'm teaching myself Bass... so when the book introduced A-flat (First string, first fret), I tried playing it, but all I got was a rumbly, quiet, vibrating noise. I even made sure to push the string in as far as I can (touching the fretboard... hope I build those callouses soon!) but it still wouldn't make a good sound.

Anyone have any clue what the problem may be? Any possible solutions? Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Oh, by the way.. everything else on the G string sounds fine. And yes, I did make sure it was tuned...
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check to make sure the string is not resting on the fret. B/C you most likely got a cheaper begginner bass you might have that problem. I had the same problem on my 1st guitar. Take ur bass to a guitar store and they'll fix it. It's most likely the action on 1 side is too low. Don't try to adjust it yourself. Take it somewhere. They should set it up for you for under 10 bucks
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bass usually is rumbly and quiet its not supposed to be all loud and trebly, it's a BASS!
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bass usually is rumbly and quiet its not supposed to be all loud and trebly, it's a BASS!

Nah man trust me... compared to my other notes... this barely makes a sound... its definitely worst than the others.

And element, thanks for the help... I'm just not quite sure what you really mean. If you mean what I thought you mean... I dont think the string was touching the first fret... I'll have to double check though.

And yeah, your right, I do have what would probably be considered a "cheap" bass ($200)...

Meanwhile, I'll practice without A flat.
Yeh bring it in to a store. Spend the money, even if it is a beginner guitar, it's not worth ruining it.