I just want to say first, I am not the leader of the band, there is no "leader" at least yet anyway.

This is my preciment:

my band only has 3 members right now:

Dude X (singer/ rythm guitar)- we've never heard him sing yet (just started not too long ago), so we dont even know if he's good or not, and he's been playing guitar for only a few months, and is pretty crap. (Even he admits it). Only reason he's really with us is because he's our buddy, and wants to be in a band.

Dude B (Bass)

Me- lead guitar

Dude D (future drummer)- used to play drums, stoped, but is starting again.

We are all friends BTW, thats why we started.

Alright, Me, dude B, and dude D all like one type of music (Tool and metallica and stuff)

Dude X (problem guy) Likes stuff like Oasis, (opposite end of the spectrum)- I like this music too, we all do, but HATE playing it. I just play it because I'm just chillin with my friends.

Dude B likes both, he does like heavey better, but he doesn't mind playing dude X's stuff. So, that is what we do. When the drummer gets his drums back, things might change, but I am going crazy right now!!! I don't know what to do!!! Sometimes I wanna tell dude B, about this, but the only way to solve the problem is to get Dude X to either play other stuff, or leave.

He wont play the other stuff. He just wont. And, we know a guy who will hook us up with gigs, so we want to be somewhat serious. But I don't know what to do. To get dude X out, me and dude B would not want him out (he doesn't MIND that music + hes a friend.)

Also, we kind of need him as he is the only one who will be willing to sing.

I can't just o to another band because nonee of my other friends are in any, and I don't really want to join up with random strangers.

Any help/ tips/ comments/ anything is really appreciated.
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Youvve gotta make the harsh decision of kicking the oasis loving guy out the band, ifs hes your mate hell understand that the majority wanna play heavier stuff.
I would tell him straight up.

Say "Man, we're taking the music seriously, we want to gig, and we need a variety of music (or whatever you need to say ) if we're gonna gig, we as a band want to.. so are you going to be serious about this too? Cuz we need someone that will be willing too as well as us."

If he's here for fun that great, but if you want to be serious about the music you either leave the band, or tell him "I'm sorry but we need someone serious about this," but its intirely up to you. Im sure it wont harm your friendship.
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Convince him to compromise, and play all of the music you guys enjoy. Say "Hey, I don't mind playing your Oasis if you play some Tool". Get me? It's the only way. If he refuses, you either comply, or boot him, or you yourself leave. Otherwise, you'll be unhappy in the band.

Option D:
Forget the covers and everything. Mold all of your influences and create something new and fresh that you all enjoy.
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just wait till youve got your drums and everything you need to start seriosly practacing. and if you write a heavy riff suggest it . if he comes with a song you dont like tell him so but nicely. and maybe he cant sing/scream for metal? maybe hes good at oasis type shit
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Learn a song you enjoy with maybe your bassist secretly, and find some spine to sing (you only have to do better than the guy who isn't confident enough to show anyone). When you and your bassist master this song (within a few weeks) just play it together when he shows up next practice, and try to get him to sing (see if he can at all, if he can't your vocalist, and have a much greater fistful of power).
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What's wrong with playing with random strangers? Firstly, playing with randoms makes you a better musician, because you have to be able to click with people you'e never met before. Secondly, they might turn you on to something new. Thirdly, they might be brilliant musicians who you have an instant connection to.

My advice is to maybe keep practicing (try and put your view across), whilst simultaneously looking for musos to play with. I don't think it's wrong, either, to play in more than one group. Ifyou have more creativity to burn than the other band members, you should be able to express it somewhere, rather than having unused ideas.
Last band I was in, we fired one of our mates like, 3 times, then I quit because of him and the band split, but we're all still mates because we were smart enough to recognise that we weren't really musically compatible. Simple really.
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