just wondering, does anyone think a band can become at all successful writing with older styles of music that the kind thats around now. i dont mean becoming like huge or anything, but like at least getting signed and maybe just staying underground or whatever.
my current band sounds kind of like an 80s pop punk or post punk band, maybe somewhere between the pixies and dinasour jr. were kind of between singers tho (one of our musicians was singing for a while but were getting an actual singer soon) so im not sure exacly how our sound is gonna turn out. you dont have to answer specifically about that tho, just a general question.
If it's a good blend of the pixies and dinosour jr., then yes and you will be huge. But in reality you will have to wait until you have a permanent singer, then it usually takes about 5-10 years of solid performances, or the companies won't even waste their time witcha.
Obviously Astrocreep71 has a record deal and knows exactly what he's talking about, so take his advice on everything...

Plain and simple, if you look at some of the bands from the past, it's amazing they ever got signed. In today's world, with today's music industry, it's all about who you know, luck, and a little bit of talent...just a little. Lots of 80's music is making a comeback, so say the right thing and try to make friends with the right person.
Excuse me? 5-10 years of playing with a band till record companies show interest? Scenes change massively in that time, if you have a good sound for now you are set. What the hell, lots of bands have people in who havent been playing an instrument 5-10 years and that are under 20 now, so they havent been jamming with their band since primary school.
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Well hate this example but I believe I've heard Panic! At the Disco were signed after like...6 months of playing together or seomthing. Of course that's only because of luck and playing music that was popular and would sell.
I can only name 2 or 3 bands that were together for 10 years before getting signed, and they are 2 80's bands: Huey Lewis & the News and The Motels. Panic got signed because they were in a major city (Las Vegas) and had someone who was "big" in the industry supporting them, Pete from Fall Out Boy. Maybe that's why they sound like Fall Out Boy with Synthesizers. That's not to say they may have some talented musicians in the band, but let's ask ourselves if they will be working 10 years from now. I was recently doing some research on some bands from the 90's I used to listen to and some of the members are no longer in the business at all. For some reason, a lot of musicians go into Real Estate now....

Back to the topic: Here's the general rule.. no matter what you do, if you do it well, there is an audience for it. The question you need to ask is "Are there people in my area who like this style of music?" Here's an example, I wrote a different style of music while living in Boston where there were many different people from different musical backgrounds. The music I wrote there got some good reviews and some people said "Dude, you have a hit song." Those songs are on the back burner right now because I moved back to Maryland. In lower-slower Delaware, you can't join a band unless you play Death/Black Metal. EVERY rock band from that area is that style. So even if you did a genre of music such as Pop Folk, it would never catch on there because people don't want to hear that there. The younger people are into death metal bands and the older guys are into the sophisticated styles of "Southern and Classic Rock".. Now if you took your genre of music to an area more accepting, you could be succesful.

Another thing you have to remember is you don't have to get signed to be a professional (succesful) musician... actually I think your chances are better if you don't sign and just self-release your material or have a small record label/publicity company behind you. I once read about this alternative rock band from upstate New York that had been together for about 7 years. They had never been signed, but they do extremely well. Their niche is their fan base will buy any merchandise with the band name on it. Whether it be t-shirts, stickers, panties, man thongs, candles, toliet seats, etc. Find what works best for your band.
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No. Seems to me every month some band that wants to 'bring back classic rock' comes out with one video, which, fortunately sinks without a trace. If you wanna make music, make it because you love it, not to get signed, certainly not to get 'big'. And for Christ's sake, do your own thing!
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