I’m guitarist that resides in the west part of Phoenix. My name is Sergio. My age is 18. The reason such a thread has been typed is because I’m searching for a band to jam out with. Here are a number of reason why a band member should consider hiring me, or accepting me, whatever.

First and foremost, I don’t suck. At least I don’t suck as bad as some people I’ve seen play at shows. My abilities range from semi-technical speed riffing to a descent melodic or atonal solo. I might sound egotistical, but from what I’ve seen, I’m not all that bad. Not saying I can shred like a god, I’m merely stating that I don’t suck.

I am also capable of composing music. It is important to note that I can tell a apart a good riff from a bad one. Then again that is mostly subjective and opinion based. Yes, I am willing to assist in the creation process.

I’m also a fast learner. Normally it takes a day to learn a song, the majority of the time, even less. This depends on the technical ability required to play the song. One thing for sure is, unless the song is extremely technical, I won’t be struggling with it for weeks.

The following paragraphs were typed for the sake of filtering out musicians that may not want me.

I am a jerk. If I think a certain riff sucked or a song was boring, I will not be afraid to let you know. So if you’re a sensitive person who is afraid to have their ego macerated, don’t bother.

Some might say I’m closed minded, but I prefer calling myself “ A picky person”. Just cause I listen to a lot of metal doesn’t mean I’m not willing to play some good blues or jazz. Admittedly I have set high standards on what I consider “good music”. So if you plan on making sappy fluff music, don’t bother.

Moving on to influences. I love metal. I praise Judas Priest and Slayer and a few Death and Black metal bands, most notably At the Gates (no SOTS!), Morbid Angel, Immortal, Emperor and Sacramentum and The Chasm. I like a little bit of punk as well. I only liked three punk bands in fact. Bad Religion, Varukers, and Discharge. So if your interested in any of these bands, we need to talk.

Of course, just because I’m a metal lover doesn’t mean I’m not willing to play in say… A punk band. Or even a blues band for that matter. Simply put, if you’re as desperate as I am, we need to talk.

The reason for such a long and drawn out piece of writing is, well I had nothing better to do, and to perhaps detract people I disagree with ahead of time. If you are not detracted by any of my characteristics and opinions, fell free to contact me .

Email - superbummanfromhell@yahoo.com