Well, recently I've noticed, that in my lead playing, I've been running out of interesting phrasings.

So what I was thinking was we could post some cool little tid bits from solo's whether from you or from another guitarist. So if you could say what scale (if you made it) tab the phrase and then if its another guitar just say the song and show the phrase that you like. Thanks guys.

Go there and learn some of the classic solos there. Lots of cool licks and phrases to apply.
Some of my favorite soloing that I've ever done was in the first song I ever recorded, Tidal Jazz (see my signature).
Here are some interesting tidbits from around the 4 min mark (and it was all improvised!):



I arpeggiated an Em chord and didn't realize what I was doing!
I didn't really know any theory at all. The whole song was done by ear.



It mostly fits in to G (or Em), except the F notes in the second passage. The tabs don't really convey the sound, so it would be great if you just listened to the song and fast-forwarded to around the 4 minute mark, as the whole song can be a bit boring.

Those may be some routine phrases for you guys, but I haven't done anything like that since.