Hello there everybody. So basically ive suddenly interested in learning how to play a specific song acoustically. The song is "Tears Dont Fall" by Bullet For My Valentine (yes, ive noticed that most UG users dont really like B4MV, but thats beside the point). So ive been working on it for about a day now and i have the intro about down. Now i forgot to mention that ive only been playing guitar for just about 1 year now (teaching myself), and this is the first song ive tried to play acoustically ( i only own an electric).

So... where do i start? i have a link to a video of Bullet playing the song acoustically at the bottom. So i know this is a major nuub question, but i dont even know what u would call the technique that they're using to play. And if anybody can identify it... i could use any tips on playing.

And also... please dont sit here and flame me for being uneducated in the ways of the guitar... i am very aware of my lack of talent and knowledge (just bear with me).

(heres the link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QSswlle3Oc

thanx a bunch
Seems pretty straightforward. Just plain ole strumming, with some picking parts in there. You could just play the chords, not even pick each note, and it may work. I couldn't tell if they were using a chords worth of strings, or some sort of scale. You could probably pull off the solo in there too, mainly based on slides it seemed. Seems like a good song for someone of your experience to learn, it will help you with barre chords, strumming, and if you choose, picking techniques.
Thanks for the help, do you have any tips on strumming (ways to hold the pick... or even to use a pick or not) whenever i try to strum it the pick slips out of my grip, and when i tighten my grip up... the pick just gets hung up on the strings.
You don't have to use a pick, its whatever you feel best doing. It took me awhile to be able to both downstroke and upstroke, I had to just downstroke really fast lol. It just takes practice, but you were on the right track by not holding the pick too tight. As for holding it, some people use the rounded end, but the majority put the rounded end between whatever fingers you want (I use thumb and 1st). It's all personal preference really, and alot of practice and patience.
Bro! go to guitar center... (or any music store that sells guitar accesories) they have picks that have "teethed" holes in them... you put your thumb over that hole and the teeth "hold" on to your thumb... I had a big problem with flying picks when I first started acoustic as well and ever since I bought those picks I haven't managed to drop one... (side note: they work well for electric too) and as far as your song choice... good for learning and just keep on keepin on... you will get it if you stay with it.... I promise.... take it easy bro