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That link only leads to the main site. Doesnt show any products. Let us know. You should get 15w minimum. I use 30w irons and like that heat.

I use a 25w, but I got it from radioshack and it was like $7 and some change, dont remember.
That looks like a good one.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Would that be a decent gun to use for basic soldering?

If not, could you guys suggest something?

If anybody says cold heat, I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF.

i needed one.
so my aunt got a cold heat for x-mas.
omg it sucked. it already broke
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mastercraft makes quality products, and that one is great for the job
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Have you considered a cold heat iron?

lol, but seriously, just grab any old soldering iron, preferably 20 watts or more. (not more than 40.)
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The Cold Heat irons are terrible.

The Wellers IMO are the best at a cheap price range. You don't want a gun either, you want a pencil type.
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whats wrong with the guns?? they heat up soo much faster, most of the time my pencil type cant melt into old solder if im repairing or re-wiring an older guitar and i have to use the gun. Also, a de-soldering iron is really nice to have.
^ seconded, but the guns are less precise.
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Yup, that's why I don't want a gun. precision is everything when I want to work in a REALLY small space like anything guitar related.
you guys that got cold heats, did you ever get them to work? i had one but i couldnte get it to work, but they suck anyways.
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Antex has always been my weapon of choice, I've tried weller/hakko/oki/iroda etc. but I always end up going back to antex... They're slightly cheaper than the (branded) competition here too..

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