Lookin for a new amp. I need suggestons, but have a list:

Peavey Classic 50
mesa/boogie lonestar
fender bassman
fender blues deluxe

I would like it to be tube amp. at least 2 inputs, gain and reverb arre essential.

Sound I'm looking for:
-bb king
-david gilmour
-jimmy page
-pete townshed
-jerry garcia
-george harrison
-bob dylan
-anything else 60-70s or blues.

Please help!
Thnx in advance
from that list i like the mesa lonestar, great cleans and nice OD. gilmour used hiwatt amps so you could look at those. page used marshalls which you dont have listed. also, i think you can get better fender amps than the blues deluxe but its pretty good for its price. my fav fender amp is the 65 blackface haha. if you have a ton of cash you can get a bruno custom amp thats basically a blackface replica. also look at the twin reverbs and hot rod deluxe from fender.
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Try them all out, that's gonna' be the only proper way you'll decide.

They're all great amps, but I didn't like the Classic 50 as much as the Fender Blues Deluxe.
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