i have no idea about wireless guitar leads....i don't even know the name for them..but i am looking to buy one if anyone can tell me a internet site which will allow me to do so....

if you need me to explain what the heck i am going on about...ask me...and i'll explain....hehe.....

i mean...basically....a wireless connection between your guitar and amplifier...

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They're Wireless Guitar Systems. You plug the receiver into your guitar and carry that around on you (clipped to your back poket or your strap) and you plug the "head" (the system) into your amp.

Any online music store will have them. Go fo AKG or Shure if you're looking for good quality ones.

If you're low on cash, go for Nady.
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Wireless is nothing to go cheap on. Unless you have $300 USD or more to spend, its worthless.
^+1. If you cheap out on it, It will ruin you tone. With wireless, you get what you pay for.
yeh.. go with shure... reli if u wanna get wireless system you have to be carefull of what you get.. stay right away from the cheap crap... atm i'm savin up for a shure SLX system witch is about $1700 AUD