Wonderful, So Wonderful
Is Your Unfailing Love,
G A Bm7
Your cross has spoken mercy over me

The "G A" etc is the chord you play, and the words are the lyrics that you play the chords to
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Each chord is shown above the line, separated by spaces. The one with a slash in between is one single chord (Dmaj with an added F# note). I have no idea what the timing would be because all the chords are at the beginning of the line. Look up a different version of the song for timing.


Here's another version of the song with the timing shown. Its in a different key though.
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thanks but i mean i dont know what the hell it means like the F and the G and # and the Fmada
Well there chords. As in 1-3-5-(7).

G= G-B-D-(F#) (This is a G major chord) The # means sharpened as in up one half step
A= A-C#-E-(G#) (A major)
D= D-F#-A-(C#) (D major)
G= already stated (G major)
A= already stated (A major)
bm7= B-D-F#-(A) (B minor)

Those are the notes of those chords. I can't explain it any better without getting into a big long-winded explaination.
For more info see a lesson on here probably has one, the theory sticky might help you but it's more advanced than this.
Run a google search on chord construction theory, there's a few good sites out there that take different approaches for explaining chords; one is bound to work for you But if you are having issues with what sharps or flats are, getting a hold of a good beginner Hal Leonard book on Bass or even guitar would be useful for nailing down some basic music theory. I agree with Jazz_rock_feel, the sticky on chords in the forum is going to be a bit confusing given your current questions. A good teacher can shortcut the music theory learning process as well, and help you grasp the concepts.

For playing bass lines and making your own bass lines, understanding chord construction is very important.