Yes, I did my searching, and found no other thread about this guitarist.

He is a very technically skilled guitarist, and if you want more info, check out his website:


If you haven't heard him before, here's a short video clip of him:


It's pretty cool because he is nationally known and he actually teaches guitar in the city I live in (state of Minnesota.) I see him every Wednesday, although my lessons are with a different teacher.

If anyone has any comments or knows about him, feel free to post.
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
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I've got his self-titled, Eccentricity and Omnipresent.

But... It's the same story as with Oziel Zinho, Marcel Coenen, Goncalo Pereira, Shane Gibson, Theodore Ziras, George Bellas, ... It's got shrapnel written all over it, and I'm getting tired of that stuff.
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Yeah, I know.

The weird thing is that now he's in this band TOUCHED, and they play a bunch of covers including bands like Shinedown, Nickelback, and Audioslave. That's a pretty big crossover from his shred to that mainstream crap. Looks like he sold his soul too... Check out his MySpace:
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
Todd Duane is one of the best living alternate pickers and he has many chops to spare , i like his self-titled album but the shrapnel thing is dead.
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