I bought a behringer half stack this past summer and i was wondering. A ton of people go on and on about how behringer sucks, but I find my half-stack to be pretty amazing.

Heres my cab-http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Ultrabass-BB410-1200W-4x10-Bass-Cabinet?sku=600606

and the head- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-BX4500H-Ultrabass-Bass-Head?sku=481090

1. Do these really suck that bad? Am i playing on this and find is good, because i haven't experience a better one?

2.If it's that BAD, is there a way to like mix and match with another better cab? just wondeing.

I knew behringer wasn't top of the line, but i thought that this stack was good. thanks.
if it works for you then dont worry about what other people have said. Personally i do not like the tone of behringer amps,a dn they do have a bad reputation for technical problems, but if you dont run into any technical issues then just take notice of the fact that you have a sweet amp that you enjoy.
I only own Behringer bass amps. I dont think they are half that bad, i have 2x10 w/ tweeter and a 4x12. The only problem i have with behringer products are their heads. I dont like them to much so instead i bought a backstage 600. Behringer's are worth their price, i have played many other bass amps which do sound fairly better with lows but cost so much more. If you want to spend less and less'n the quality a little then behringer is the way to. My amps which i have had for years still treat me fine.
I have a 1x12 combo from behringer and its alright, i havent had any problems i just cant stand the tone, at one point i thought about the behringer half stack but for around the same price there are the GK's and Ashdowns and just a little more for the Hartke's but if you like it, then that is all that matters
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mmm behringer, they seem so inviting, but i know the australian head for behringer repairs. and he gets pretty much everythird amp he builds come back in three years later broken. they are a good amp for what they do and for that money of course your getting a pretty good deal. but there not the kind of amp that you will buy when your 15, and still be using when your 30, they just dont last, they burn to quickly. plus the ohmage on them is pretty high, i think it 16 ohms, 8 is standard. also they can be pretty decieving, in that they might be advertised as 300 watts. but thats only peak power, when you create a sharp spike, there probably closer to 220 watt.

dont get me wrong, if you need a good rig, and you need it quick, behringer will do the job fairly well. for about three years, and they dont repair easy either, its cheaper just to buy a new one.
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Behringer= %50 or=crap or <. That is my expression for Behringer. You my friend hit it above mark. I think the main thing with Behringer is, there cheap. As in inexpensive. And you get what you pay for. They provide amps and speakers at a low cost to muscians, but if you stick it against something from Hartke, Peavey, Ampeg, or Ashdown.... It's going to blow it away, but the latter said are also about twice as much. You get what you pay for.
S*** i should have saved up longer a bought a nicer one, but i needed then cuz i had 2 pretty big gigs and my 25 watt wouldn't cut it lol. O well I'm only 16 and going on 17, I'm young....i can buy a nicer one in the future....