Aight, I have been using a Cube 30 for about a year now, and I want to make the next step up.

What is a good amp to get next? One of better quality, more power, etc I presume. But I know that there are right and wrong choices. I could get a cube 60, but that'd be going from a small practice amp to a slightly bigger practice amp, which isn't what I want. On the other hand, I could go balls out and work towards a Triple Rectifier, but that might me more power than I can use in a family house in a small town, and I would probably not know what to do with it and would break it.

So can anyone tell me, what is a good amp/type of amp to get into after just using solid state practice amps for a while?
If you can afford it, buy a Roadking. If you can't, buy a Roadster, if you can't, buy a Rectoverb, if you can't, buy a Peavey 5150. Thats it.
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^Not necessarily. I'm assuming from the amps you mentioned, though, that you play metal? What kind of budget might you have? What are you looking to use this for (bedroom, band, gigs?). You'll probably want to go tube, and you really won't have to worry about breaking anything unless you're really stupid.
I wouldnt suggest tube for all types of metal.... Im not saying go get a really cheap solid state but look into the Randall Rg80, 100, or 150 ES series. They are older and youll have to get a used on but they are really crunchy and great for metal.
Yeah, I play a bit of metal (but I play alot of clean stuff too, so I'm looking for something with a good clean). I guess you would call it "bedroom" playing, but it's more for just playing in general. Maybe for Rehersal later on if I am ever in a band.

I want to be around 500-600$, but I probably could go a bit higher than that.
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