alrightie, i've been enlisted to find this specific video for my friend simply based on his limited description. so maybe you folks can help.

it's a metal band with a 1 word name.
there are aliens, and at the end, there is an alien drinking milk out of a guy's fridge.
the video was on much loud.

... that's the description i got. if you know it...that'd be really helpful.

thanks guys


edit: got a little more info after talking to my other friend who also doesn't know who the band is or what the song is.

so apparently when the alien is drinking the milk, this greasy long haired guy comes out in his bathrobe and goes like "dude..."

i know this is in no way helpful at all, but anything helps...

and the video turned out to not be hanger 18... that is a good song though
yeah, yeah, whatever
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