Ok for those of you in a band how many do you have and use?
Like your main one? your back up at gigs. another one for alternate tuning. a practice one?

How should I do it?

Should I have one bass for practice w ith a band, one for gigs and use that practice as a back up? That way i'd just need two?
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2 of each (like 2 guitars and 2 basses), mostly because they sound different, so it gives my tone a wider range, but I guess I never thought of my older guitars as backups until now.

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when I gig, I take 2 guitars. 1 to use and 1 for backup. Both of my guitars are equally good, so I practice with whichever one is closest.
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i have 1 main guitar and one backup in case a string breaks or something.
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i have one main, one backup, and an ibanez with a floyd rose for when i need that