So Im a huge idiot and I cant figure out my new mic. I just got a Samson Q7 and I cant get it to "work"... Im messing around with it on my Presonus Inspire and its input is not registering and then I plugged it into a 1/4" adapter and tried to run it into my amp, it produced no noise that way either. So im a bit confused...there is no on/off switch like many mics. If I cant get it to run into an amp, Im not sure what is going on. Please forgive a moron like myself for this question.
is it a condenser mic?
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Its a brand new chord and its a dynamic mic. I dont see anywhere to replace the battery...
you need some type of mic preamp for almost any mic. i made the same mistake my self. and another word of advice don't cheap out and get a 50$ preamp, but at least a behringer eurotrack ub502 or ub508, i hve the ub508 and it's great for the price whcih is about 150 cnd so the 502 should be cheaper if you don't want to spend much. don't even bother with tube preamps for under $200 to be safe, i bought one for 68$ and it's sht.
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So you are telling him that a 50.00 mixer is better than a 50.00 preamp?? I really can't agree with you on that, seeing as a mixer is much more complex generally has a lot more parts, which would probably make it a lot cheaper in quality than an individual preamp.
For just starting out and stil having good quality, I would do the mixer and connect its recorder output (not the mains) to the sound card line in. The mixer gives you a lot of flexiblity and real knobs to play with. The USB/firewire you may have to be a computer nerd to get it to work. I would spend at least $100 on a minimum of an 8 channel mixer. They are good pre-amps (not studio quality yea, but damn good), most of the extra money is for all the complicated gadgets and effects, interfaces, etc.

I have recently ran some tests with my mixer vs USB and I really could not tell the difference in tone, the actual signal to noise ratio is better with USB, but the noise is still so low on the LINE IN I can't hear it. So as far as I am concerned for most of us, its way overated in how much better USB sounds and it is a quite a bit more complicated.
The Presonus has preamps, n00bs.

Make sure all drivers are installed.
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