Tomorrow or the next day I plan on buying a Boss DD-20. But I was just reading on other forums of a new Boss DD-20 coming out, called the Boss DD-20XL. It's the same exact thing, but with 2 more preset channels, a Swell effect, and 7 more seconds of delay. Is it worth the extra money just for the extra stuff or just get the delay now?
well ask yourself this, do you really need 7 more seconds of delay? I'm guessing no.
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7 seconds of delay...haha u might as well use a recorder and play ur riff over and over through a radio...costs much cheaper
oh sweet! with that I could play a song, leave the room, go make a sandwich, come back and hear me playing the entire song again.
that would be sick
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Well...the new one has one *swell* effect. Eh heh...get it?

I'll just go kill myself now.
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Even if you don't think it's worth the money for the XL wait.

The regular model will surely be cheaper once a better model comes out. Just make sure stores will have them in stock.
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I could buy a DD-20 for 180 at GC, but with the new one coming out, I assume more features on the pedal will mean more on the price, possibly 30+ more dollars.
either way the boss DD pedals are pretty bad sounding IMO, but yeah id wait till the new one comes out which will probably cause a price drop in the other one. but you you probably dont need 7 seconds of delay unless you are into that layering guitar parts kindof thing that super long delay is used for.
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