I've been trying to learn since March. I've gotten quite a few chords down and learned powerchords awhile back. I tried understanding how barre chords work but got confused. What I want to know is what I should try next?
Get bar chords down and learn as much as possible.

Once you get major chords, songs should come easy for you.

And then learn on getting rhythem tech. down the road, and then solo months later...
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Well, what would possibly be the easiest song to learn? I would like to learn by chords if I could. Is there a site that explains barre chords well?
id start off with " Arpeggios from Hell" by Yngwie Malmsteen
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learn some simple songs that don't require a lot of techniques and such.

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here's a song to try, look up the tab for "Through The Fire and Flames" thats what I'z workin' on.