Hola amigos. I am posting this thread in need of your help. I am a high school junior and I want to do an independent study program for a civics course, or political policy (or something along those lines) this next semester in school.

This course might include a textbook and some lectures but there are no real assignments except periodically checking in with a teacher at my school and giving them my notes. The big thing where I would get my credit is like a 10 page essay at the end of the semester.

If you guys know of any programs along those lines please let me know. I don't want like a course that I have to turn in assignments for every chapter and have a test for every unit type of thing. A course like this might coincide with some curriculum of a college course from which the lectures could be drawn from. If you guys know of any websites or programs, just pointing me in the right direction would help. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for on Google (and I know how to use Google).

I know something like this sounds too good to be true, but I've know others who have down virtually the same thing. It's not like I'm one of those people who is too good for the public school system so I am going to drop out, get my GED, and go to some community college at age 16. I just want something worthwhile to do with an open period I have next semester.


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Independent study is pretty much high school, you just only go mondays, and you do the work straight from the book. I'm not too sure how to help ya, but i have independent study, and everything is the same as high school. I have to turn in work for every chapter/unit and take a test. I hate it.l
have you talked to your guidance counsuler? it's their job to make those things work.
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