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I'm shallow, judgmental and I feel like I'm hiding behind a facade most of the time.
And those are exactly the kind of people I hate, just that I don't show it.

So now it's your turn.
I'm sadistic, selfish, controlling, and a very jealous person and I hate most people. I don't like friends and the concept of friendship and I'm too independent. I also ended up horrible after all of my independence and now I pretty much hate everything a normal teen is supposed to like.


I could go on forever but that's just a little summary.
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I tend to be a perfectionist
I tend to be a cynic and a pessimist, even though I try to be the opposite.
I am often times insecure.
I can be paranoid.
I care too much.
I am not as intelligent as I should be at this point in my life, I am often lazy and I tend to use my anger towards people in general as a reason to shut myself off from everyone else...I also drink way too much.
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Some physical flaws, slightly shallow, impromtu/gungho sometimes, reserved, there are probably some more but I don't think I have too many.
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i procrastinate, i am lazy, i hate being around others because i constantly anazlyze everything i say, and since i know this i try an avoid conversations altogether. i care too much and care too little in wrong circumstances. i pretty much hate myself.
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I went to the hospital with ulcerative colitis and the only way to recover was to eat a shitload of meals since i was hungry ever couple hours and if i didn't the stomach acids would destroy my stomach and i gained about 20 pounds, so now i'm about 190 and want to start a run program to drop it off, but am too lazy since i'm also a procrastinator.

I'm also shy
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I'm arrogant, cocky, selfish, shallow (but not to the point where I don't talk to ugly people ), careless in my actions and emotion, prideful in the sense that I convince myself that I cannot be beaten in certain subjects or situations and that I'm better than others, and I don't really tell the truth all that often because of insecurity and pride.
I'm shy, I'm also lazy, my mum just asked me to open the windows cause it's getting cooler outside and I said nah, and I smiled when she went to open them.

im unattractive, im paranoid, im convinced ive got some mental problem, i think im too horny, im lazy, i dont know how to release anger so i do on my walls and i scream at people i hate knowing im not the best at some things, im very insecure, i tell myself i can go on in life without a soulmate or friends even though im not independent (which i hate about myself) and i feel im too dependent...i worry how the hell am i gonna go out into the real world? i could never hold down a button up t shirt and heels type of job. i dont want a structured life. i hate knowing i dont care if i die young, just as long as i get to be in a band scared im gonna die much..
I do a little heroin here and there..... I really cut back from a few months ago and the rehab stint back in january

I tend to use girls for my pleasure then dump em off, then get a bunch of mean texts telling me how much they think I am using them.. which I am
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This thread is so emo.

O Rly? It's a style of music?

Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with admitting your shortcomings. It's harder than calling something emo, I guarantee.
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I pretend to be in control but I'm very insecure, I'll often be good at things but be unable to become great at them because then there will be too much pressure on me to always do well at it, I never wanna go "the extra mile" or "give 110%". I fear failure to the point where it makes me sick. I have no problem with people usually but sometimes I just become completely anti-social for no reason. I despise laziness and people who are lazy, but theres so much stuff I just don't care about that I usually get called lazy, which makes me extremely defensive and insecure.

Guitar is the one exception to these things as I have been able to play and just get lost in the music and not worry about having to please anyone else. This allowed me to be unrestricted in my progress and truly enjoy it, unlike many of my other ventures where it stopped being fun after it became too serious.
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O Rly? It's a style of music?

Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with admitting your shortcomings. It's harder than calling something emo, I guarantee.

How do you pronounce "shortcomings"?


^ I don't know if you are being serious or what man...not a shot...I just can't tell.

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I sometimes don't speak up and talk to people I don't know and wait for them to talk to me. I noticed that is changing very rapidly and I'm very pleased by it.
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Well...I don't like admitting flaws, so I'll just go with what other people say about me. I'm too cheap, rythmically challenged, shy, funny in class (get's me in trouble), indiffferent, lazy, curious, irresponsible, sleepy, paranoid, and the list goes on. BTW most of these words are quotes.
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^ I don't know if you are being serious or what man...not a shot...I just can't tell.

EDIT: To raisinbran

your so funneh

Flaws? Guitar...
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your so funneh

Flaws? Guitar...

Lol, did you just own me? I guess this shows another flaw of mine: I am dense as hell
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im a chick magnet
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im a chick magnet

So in other words your into beastility, yet you don't like it?
Extremely self concious, paranoid about what people think of me, kinda shallow....

How about I just post my results from a personality survey I took a while back:

Quote by Personality test
Stability results were low which suggests you are very worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.

Orderliness results were moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.

Extraversion results were low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

trait snapshot: messy, depressed, introverted, feels invisible, does not make friends easily, nihilistic, reveals little about self, fragile, dark, bizarre, feels undesirable, dislikes leadership, reclusive, weird, irritable, frequently second guesses self, unassertive, unsympathetic, low self control, observer, worrying, phobic, suspicious, unproductive, avoidant, negative, bad at saving money, emotionally sensitive, does not like to stand out, dislikes large parties, submissive, daydreamer

I fail at life.....
Let's see...

I'm a bit naive, I'm sometimes a bit harsh in sensitive situations, I'm not very affectionate towards children (not that I hit them or anything, I just get annoyed with them), I sometimes get big-headed, I like to pass the blame, even when it's obviously my fault, a lot of times I treat my mom as if she's an idiot (sometimes she deserves it), and when I play guitar I don't work on the errors very well...I get the song correctly, but I pass up the small things, leading to a very clunky song.

And that's just the basics, there's plenty more.
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I tend to look down upon others alot, I'm way too spoiled, I've been told by a few people im extremely pretentious, I'm unhealthily lazy, I procrastinate like a mother fuck, cocky, can be a little rude if I really don't like someone I'm not afraid to show it, I'm way under-motivated in terms of academics, a bit of an underachiever, and I've got major confidence issues to deal with on top of all that and I tend to focus on others flaws too much rather than appreciating them for who they are.
I'm lazy and easily distracted. I am a total snob about things I have studied (music, religion, the English language, etc.) and often do not suffer ignorance about these subjects with nearly as much courtesy or restraint as I expect of myself. And I eat like a pig.
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Im VERY egotistical when I can't control it. If I don't get a vibe that I want from you, i'll pretty much be rude to you. Im a procrastinator, but I usually get what I have to get done. Im shy sometimes, but only because my ego seems to get in the way.

Im actually working on those flaws. I feel i've become a better person, but sometimes I see my flaws come into play and strike me down. =/
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