Does anybody own this head/cab? I've read mixed reviews. I play all kinds of metal, classic rock, hard rock, and jazz. But I'm also looking for a good clean channel. It doesn't need to have lots of effects, but it wouldn't hurt. Would you recomend anything else in this price range? Any help would be appreciated. Here it is.


If youre willing to get a combo, I'd go for a Fallen Angel made by Ashdown. I've heard REALLY good things about those and regret not getting one.
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I had this head and cab. It's got some decent tones, but it's for sure not a tube amp. I would say get an amp you just like clean and use pedals. You could look at some smaller tube amps like b-52 or something. You only need 50 watts of tube amp to play with a band. If you're really set on this amp..well it's good for the money. You can always upgrade speakers or get a new head later. Good luck.
I have that head but dont use it anymore. I played it on the clean channel with effects and it sounded pretty good. The solo channel sounds like crap IMO.
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