my old version didnt have a good distortion, this i think i also played alittle bit better. ive only been playing for about a year, and this song for about 2 months.

when you go hear make sure you click the Purple haze (Newer Version)

i think too much drive.
lost all the tone too
u might need more boost in mid imo...
like... it sounds like the sound has no body to it
no guts lol
is it really how u play it?
cuz it sounds like ur going flat on the G and A
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a few things, sound quality is pretty bad(probaby microphone)
Chords sound wrong, and timing is off. it didnt sound like you had any feel. Jimi Hendrix also, was all about felling, and expression. It may help you with rhythm to play with a backing track. also practice with a metronome. Also, im not trying to be negative, just trying to help you out, but don't post stuff up when you have many mistakes on it, because even though its probably not your full potential with mistakes, some people will assume it is.
It isn't fluent enough it sounds like your sightreading it really badly.
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sight reading?????

and the chords were correct btw. and yes i was using a mic and i kno it sucks, but ive made topics and no one has helped me on what i can use for good recording
Ok, this is just unbelievable now. WHAT THE **** WAS THAT?! Why do all these beginners that have just picked up guitar go for Hendrix? Purple Haze i can maybe see as a good begging song but you managed to **** that up too. You play like your fingers are made out of lead weights! good god. You bothered to record that? And do you even try to emulate his tone? Or did you just use your multi effects pedal or whatever you have and made this ungodly distorted mess. STOP! I hope this filled what ever desire to record yourself. And all the other songs sucked too, Hendrix riffs are some of the most recognizable ever and i couldnt tell what it was if the title track wasnt there. please never do this again...
Learn vibrato please.
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You're mission key vibrato in there. And it's a bit boring with a backing track. Nice try, but you really need some fuzz and nice vibrato to make Purple Haze stand out really well.
Peace frog your a bit harsh try to give him confidence.

hey man you could make this sounld alright with a little work. first of all thats about as bad a recording as I have ever heard (meaning the mic is bad not your playing). heres what i suggest you do.

1. do not record on that mic ever again

2. Use a backing track www.guitarbt.com you may not include this into your recording but at least play with on your headphones to make sure you nail the timing.

3. Polish up all the playing it's self I dont think it sounds bad but you could use a bit more practice on those bends and what not.
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um, sorry dude i think you should practice it a bit more, less drive and work on more sustain/vibrato. It got a little better by 1:45 but overall i think you could do way better if you sit down and work on it for a while longer
i actually recorded this a few weeks ago with the back track on video though. sound quality still isnt good. but i think its better then the previous attempts at failure.

i know in a few months ill be able to play it just fine no mistakes.