Hey, sry i know there are TONS of these threads floating around but i just have a question about a guitar that i have no way of playing beforehand and i would love some feedback. Ok so, these guitars are the same price, however the C-1:
-has active SD's
-IMO shinier finish then damien (probably scratches easy
-mahogany (heavier than the basswood but better sound?)
-extra volume knob (not incredibly important)

Alright, the Damien
-passive EMG's
-cooler inlays (gothic bats)

which one would you buy? Just curious of YOUR opinion, i know it depends on the type of music i play(prog/metal btw) and what tone needs i have, but what do you think is the better guitar. Remember both $400. thanx
Oh and Toastinator if you're there, im still considering Gryphon, just looking into my options.
The Gearz:

Schecter Omen 6
B-52 At-100 head + 4x12 cab
Yamaha EG303
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive