Alright, I am in a bit of a bind here (money and sound) for a new amp. I just bought myself a new guitar, since my last one was a Squier Strat. My problem is I still have a Frontman 15G.

I read the reviews, telling me that there were better ones out there, and I figure there are, since, mine makes my new Warlock sound like crap.
Your warlock is not going to sound very good on any amp. You should get informed better before you buy a guitar based on looks.
^Right on, you buy for sound, not pointy, ugly looks.

And there's always better things out there.
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ok, so whats your budget, i take it you play metal (makes a change), erm might aswell just suggest to you a cube 30 or something apparently there 'good' for 'metal',

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whats a good guitar for punk? I was thinking of a squier strat (because of budget), but i heard sound is not all that great. I am presently using a vox ad30vt and a yamaha eg-112. The amp sounds awesome, but when i increase the volume on my guitar it starts to humm/buzz, but when i place my finger on any string it stops, yet when i release my finger it begins to humm/buzz again... How can i remove it. I know its a problem with my starter kit guitar not my vox amp.

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It's a grounding issue. Getting your guitar properly sheilded/the sc pups potted helps.
I heard on some reviews on here that it sounded good. Guess I need to visit here more often than the surface of those reviews and stuff.
Whoa whoa whoa. Theres a lot going on in this thread and theres only like 8 posts.

Jammer, start your own thread man.

Threadstarter, Im assuming your into metal. Check out the Roland Cube series. Awesome amps, great heavy sound too.
Alright, because I was wondering about a Warlock being bad. It's not a bronze warlock, I know about the guitars. I read the reviews.
Reviews don't mean anything, most of them are just idiots either saying it sucks because it's not Gibson, or it's the best thing in the world.
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Yeah. Musicians Friend reviews are so lame.

People rate a product a 1 based on one little thing. "I give it a 1 because a knob was loose so it sucks"

Or the opposite. "I give it a 10 because the wheels roll really nicely! BUY THIS THING!"

Oh well..
Hi CJ,

I don't think that there is anything wrong with your choice of guitar, if you like it then that's good enough for me. I owned a BC Rich "NJ Series" back in the 80's and I was rather fond of it - it was a bright pink rich bitch. Normally, I would not ever admit to owning a pink guitar, and even though it was a bottom of the line model, it played nice so I bought it regardless of the colour and body shape (it was used when I bought it).

Now, I'm not sure about your guitar, but the NJ series was a little on the light side so it had an 'open' tone to it. It tended to be a lttle hollow, and trashy when plugged in as the pickups were not all that great. I swapped out the pickups, and it fixed it right up.

I think that the source of your trouble a combination of a few things. Firstly, if your guitar has a light , open (hollow - not much meat in the mid range) trashy kind of sound on any amp you plug into, you may want to try swapping out your pickups - go for something that is creamy and mid-rangy - especially if your guitar sounds hollow even when it is not plugged in as it will compensate for the lack of mid in your tone. Any pickup that is made to 'scream' will only make your tone issue worse.

Secondly, you did not have tone issues with your strat because it has more of a mid-range based tone. The Warlock may have a hollow trashy sound that resonates in the low end and the high end. Since your amp has only an eight inch speaker, it does not produce the low grinding tones that you would expect to hear from a guitar with such agressive looks. You won't be able to get a full marshall stack sound out of that amp, because that is not was it is designed for. If you want to work with the gear that you have, without spending any money, here is what I suggest:

Turn down the treble on the amp, and go for more mids and bottom end - watch your volume as low end takes more power to produce and the over-all volume will seem lower if you are going for a lower tone. You will also be asking alot from that eight inch speaker, and you don't want to blow it, so listen with your ears, not your eyes. Keep your amp close (not too close though) to you and at ear level, or at least pointing towards your head, not your feet. Try experimenting with the tone controll on the guitar and as I always suggest, use the neck pickup for leads and clean tones, and the bridge pickup for everything else.

When you do get to the point that you replace your amp, go with a tube amp with at least a 12 inch speaker. Back in the 80's when I was a grinding Metal Head, I used a 15 inch speaker, but it is not for everyone.

Good luck.
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Okay, I took some suggestions on here, and I bought a Roland Cube 30X. It rules.
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