so i have 2 harmonicas one in A and one in C, which key on guitar corisponds to the key of the harmonica, i remember hearing something about using a C harmonica to play in G on the guitar. if i'm not making sense leet me know, but can someone please help me figure out what songs i can use my harmonicas for.
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I believe a harmonica is a fourth above the guitar , so a harmonica in the key of A would play in the key of E, and a harmonica in the key of C would play in the key of G
It depends on which scale you play on the harmonica. There are two standard ones. The first start on the note you get when blowing into the first hole, on a C harmonica this would be a C and you'd be playing in the key of C.
The second standard key is the most used, because you mostly suck the tones, giving it a blusier sound, and you start this by "sucking" the 2nd hole. On a C harmonica this would be a G.

Key A - E blues
Key D - A blues
and so on.

So basically ^ is correct, I just wanted to explain
You should learn the blues scale on the harmonica, it's all you need to know really unless you're planning to be really advanced