Whenever I work with a Metronome, I do this:

I start off by doing 1 npb starting at 66, then 2npb, then three, and then totally skipping four, and hitting 6pb.

I find it sort of hard doing 4 notes per beat with a three note per string pattern. Is this okay?
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It's not okay, three note per string patterns are all over modern and classic rock/metal music, and 4npb (that's 16th notes for you) is the most common rhythm subdivision for lead guitar playing. Soo, work at it.

Btw, if I were you, I'd pick a pattern (both notes and rhythm), then practice it on different metronome settings - changing the speed of metronome instead of rhythm subdivision. Seeing how you said you're having problems with 3 note per string patterns using 16th notes, I'd suggest you make that your priority practice for the time being, so work at that on different metronome speeds until you feel comfortable with it..
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