Ok, I searched through eight pages, and none of the threads were able to fix the problem for me.

When I play a note (any string and any fret, although it's VERY noticeable on the 7th fret), the other strings start, I think the other threads called it "echoing" that string. For instance, if I play the high e-string on the 7th fret, then I get this annoying-ass echo from the other five strings (I've muted them one by one, so it's not just one string that's the problem).

I've tried moving around the room, so it's not feedback. I changed my strings, and it still does the noise. I slowed down my picking and picked softer, and it still happens. It even happens on the clean channel, so it's not too much distortion.

What's weird is that I don't ever remember hearing it before until about two weeks ago, so it's likely not because I got a new amp.

My guitar is a Schecter C-1 Elite and my amp is a Roland Cube 30-X.

What should I do? I've also fiddled with the bridge a little, but that didn't fix it. I'll try raising and lowering it some more.

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
How do you do that if you're trying to play fast, though? I wouldn't think that your picking hand could keep up with your fretting hand if it was switching off between mutes and picks.