OK, so im bored. I think to myself, there has to be more than one way to amplify a guitar, right? Now, i know about sound vibrations and all that crap so igo in search of the best sounding 'household amp'. OK, first one, my double glazing windows, honesly, try resting your guitar headstock against a window and hear it resound, ooooh beautifull. Another way i found of amplifying my guitar was the coffee table, i rested the headstock against it and strummmed a few chords and, magic, the guitar is amplifyed! I tried this on many things in my home and i have to sat the two ive just mentioned were the best. Go ahead, and try it out. Rest your headstock against randoms things in your house and see if it amplifys your sound, its fun honestly. Post back with your findings lol


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On any piece of furniture, really. I play sitting on my bed, and if the headstock touches something, there's a change in sound. Also, it sounds quieter and twangier when I play standing, meaning that the bed I sit on amplifies it as well.